World solar radiations:

Just a sunny skie is necessary to cook with the sun! Based on this, according to data from Satel-Light, which reflect the frequency of sunny skies, solar cooking can be used in France over 130 days per year in Paris and more than 230 days per year in south of France! (Source: Satel-Light).

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The range of time available for solar cooking varies according to season. In summer, there is usually more sun and longer days, which can be a great advantage to cook with the sun!

Solar diagram france
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In France, 68% of the French population declare to have a garden and / or a land and / or a deck according to a TNS Sofres survey, many families could regularly cooking with sun energy. (Source: Observatoire de la ville)

In some areas of the world, solar cooking can be used almost every day! For more information, see the solar radiation maps of Meteonorm. (Source: Meteonorm)

Solar radiation France
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Solar radiation europe
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world solar radiation
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World areas where developping solar cooking is really important
(solar radiation > 1600 kWh per year and nivel of deforestation)

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Clement: Interesting. I've downloaded a lot of documents on your site about solar cookers. I am attending the institute higher rural development in South Kivu in the DRC. Really I will share this information with students. Good luck for the job!

Paul : Solar Household Energy is a leading nonprofit organization that conducts research, field projects and outreach programs for solar cooking (see solar cooking pictures here). Located in the Washington, DC area, USA. You can visit our website to get more information.

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Emily : A great alternative for a lot of people to wood or gas! Good job!

Alice: I tryed your peas recipe with my sun oven, I just backed first the bacon and onions with my solar cooker because I think it fries better and faster than my oven, it was delicious ;)

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