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2012 - Solar oven presentation by Idcook:

Idcook, belonging to the Sunited group company, has been already several years working on ways of ensuring a more sustainable development, while achieving significant savings in the economy. To do so, it has focused on research and the manufacture of household appliances based on solar as a unique mode of operation, and especially in the food sector. With the passing of the years, Idcook has developed various types of appliances designed to make the possibility of the cuisine based on solar energy a reality, both in our homes as so during trips we can continue to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet as if we were in our House. Kitchens as such, ovens and barbecues are the specialty of Idcook, always adapted to the needs and the economy of each user.

Currently Idcook has several types of solar cookers, adapted all and each one of them to the needs of different types of people and situations, but all of them are focused to achieve a food of the highest quality with the greatest possible energy savings.

The solar oven Troter Cooker 2 in 1 model was designed especially for people who have to do excursions or trips, by its smaller size and its greater ease of mounting, because the conveyor bag turns into the oven when opening. Troter Cooker 2 in 1 offers the possibility of cooking a rich lunch for 3 people serving to that end with temperatures reaching 120 degrees centigrade. It is one of the models of cheaper solar furnaces of Idcook with Easy Cook.

At a level we could call it more "professional", Idcook offers to their clients the solar oven Sun Cook Tropical, a version designed to be used in those countries where the temperatures are higher, that saves the perfection the heat, reaching temperatures really similar to a conventional oven at home. The top model in the range of solar cookers is Sun Cook, whose main characteristic is that it preserves the temperature for longer, retaining the same way the flavour and the nutritional properties of food. It costs only 330 Euros.

There is a limitation that is, logically, that has been with the adequate sunlight for use both ovens and the rest of the solar equipment only. Solar cookers have a time of reserve that allows users to cook overnight, but this reservation time is only for several hours. Therefore, if you are going to travel for a few rainy days, it will be necessary to look for other alternatives. Idcook is also leader of solar cooking in USA with

But while solar ovens are its main asset, Idcook is not limited only to this sector, but it has launched numerous domestic use products that work exclusively with solar energy, such as solar reflectors. The solar lighter, created in 2011, is the latest edition of this important French company. There is no doubt that solar cooking media are revolutionizing the world contributions to the environment and their prices for all kinds of public and needs.

2011 - Solar energy and solar cooking: A way of life

There is no doubt that in recent years the growing concern for energy saving and not for economic reasons, but to preserve external aggressions to the environment it is causing more and more part of the population purchase habits healthier and more respectful with the environment. On many occasions a radical change in our behavior patterns is not necessary, but it suffices to account for certain details to achieve a contribution that though it may seem insignificant not unimportant.

These behaviors include the increasing presence of solar energy as the main source of energy for ever more appliances or any other technological apparatus we use during our daily lives. In this way, more than a small contribution, the use of solar energy is producing a change in life forms, oriented increasingly towards a more sustainable world.

Only a few years ago the use of solar energy felt as something really distant, reserved only for special circumstances. We are now gradually being familiar us with her and are becoming the everyday uses which we give, little by little acquiring ever greater importance.

The main manifestation of solar energy as a way of life in a conventional home is the installation of solar panels that allow the utilization of the sunlight so that the electricity supply of the House is based on the solar energy collected by these panels. Importance has claimed solar energy as the installation of solar panels as it is mandatory in all new construction buildings.

If our building does not possess such facilities, we can contribute using solar energy in our daily lives in many ways. Solar cookers are becoming more useful and sophisticated, and its benefits are virtually the same as a normal kitchen. Although it is not advisable to have a solar cooking as the only option, yes we can use during most of the time, thus producing important energy savings. Water is also an important contribution to sustainable development. Increasingly, buildings with solar energy for hot water. Like solar cookers, are advised that the water through solar heating is a method complementary to the kind of usual warming.

We also have solar power for everyday use on a smaller scale. It is increasingly common use of solar energy for cell phone chargers, chargers batteries, even for small games consoles. Any small household appliances or any small technological device is capable of being recharged with solar energy. In this case the solar energy is very effective, as these devices require much less power than for example a kitchen or a water heater, and therefore needs fewer hours of sunshine to recharge completely.

Certainly, the use of solar energy is gaining thousands of followers around the world of people who care about the environment and who want to get healthier outcomes for their food. Solar energy is the present and the future, this is why people should be aware of protecting solar media and not waste natural resources to obtain benefits that contribute to the well-being of all.

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Solar Cooking Atlas comments :

Laura: Congratulation for your great invention, I'm Laura and I would like to know how to make or find a solar oven for my father, he is a cooker chef and we are living in Dominican Republic so I think we can really use it in my tropical country! I'm also interested to resell solar products... I think people can really be surprised here!

Clement: Interesting. I've downloaded a lot of documents on your site about solar cookers. I am attending the institute higher rural development in South Kivu in the DRC. Really I will share this information with students. Good luck for the job!

Paul : Solar Household Energy is a leading nonprofit organization that conducts research, field projects and outreach programs for solar cooking (see solar cooking pictures here). Located in the Washington, DC area, USA. You can visit our website to get more information.

Orlando : Hello, I work in the Applied Renewable Energy Group GERA we have some models of solar cookers, we would like to contact with others people that like the solar cooker, thank you vey much.

Romain : Hi , thanks for your comment, if you know other solar cooking recipes you can send it to me, I can share it to the recipe page!

Michael : Thanks for your solar tips ;)

Emily : A great alternative for a lot of people to wood or gas! Good job!

Alice: I tryed your peas recipe with my sun oven, I just backed first the bacon and onions with my solar cooker because I think it fries better and faster than my oven, it was delicious ;)

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