Plans to build your own solar cooker:

Numerous plans of solar ovens and solar cookers are available on the internet, mostly posted by associations. These are often experimental ovens but you can use them to build your own solar cooker.

Here are gathered the most interesting solar cookers plans:

Solar cooker Petisos
Plans sun oven ULOG Bois
Sun oven Atominique
The Table cooker Petisos
(doc pdf in French)
European wood sun oven
(doc html in French)
Solar cooker Scheffler 2m²
Solar cooker Table
The ellipse Scheffler 2m²
(doc pdf in French)
The Table cooker ID Cook
(doc pdf in French)

Other solar oven plans:

Education models:

And to go further:

Find also how to make a solar cooker in French and Spanish :

Plans four solaire bois ULOG

Knowing the optimum angle for your solar oven using a sun path diagram:

The sun is higher in Europe in summer than winter, the optimum angle to use all year your sun oven is between 30 and 40 °. Depending of your location and season of use, you can use the tool below to calculate the optimum angle of your solar cooker:

See your sun path diagram here!

Another place where you can find solar cooker plans and material:

Idcook, belonging to the Sunited group company focuses its efforts on getting a better use of the light from the Sun to the use of household appliances and any technological device that needs power to operate. Research and Idcook work has focused on the CSP, or what is the same, concentrated Solar power, a way to capture the rays of the Sun that in countries like France and United States are so abundant, to get the energy to put into operation a conventional home with minimum damage to the environment and the maximum savings for a normal domestic economy.

The Cookup 200 solar cooking is one of the most prominent products of Idcook, you can find it from this page about solargrill, and is intended primarily for people who want to spend a few days away from home without sacrificing good nutrition. Its weight is minimal and its assembly time is only a couple of minutes. Idcook marketable products in the field of solar cookers are Sun Cook, solar cooking more high-end company, very appropriate to have at home or for use in trips of longer duration and with several persons, or Trotter Cooker, again for smaller amounts. Idcook efforts related to sustainable development had its reward last year 2011, with the prize of l'Industrie Janus design, awarded by the French Institute of design to its solar cooking Cookup 200.

In addition to household appliances related cuisine, such as solar cookers, ovens and barbecues, Idcook is developed in recent years another type of household products, all of them with solar energy as the only source of supply. Lighters or solar reflectors of various uses complete the offer of products of Idcook.

Idcook sells its solar cookers and solaröfen on the market of the Western developed countries, with the clear intention of evolving into a way of life cleaner and more respectful with the environment that surrounds us, as well as so people can enjoy a healthy and natural diet in the moments they are outdoors. But apart from developed countries, also performs an important role in relation to the most disadvantaged countries.

In collaboration with the Solar Cookers International (SCI), researches and develops installation of solar cookers single-family or community projects in countries such as Kenya, where the shortage of energy for daily activities is a fact and the light of the Sun is more than anything a damaging fact for people who lack the basics. The initiative of Idcook along with Solar cooking international trafficking of converting the disadvantage that now same mean high temperatures for the population of Kenya in an advantage, and it is available the rays of the Sun to cook without having to scroll during several kilometers to get needed firewood or charcoal.

If you want or need a solar cooking oven, the best you can do relies on the quality of Idcook solarkocher have many years offering a quality service. Bet on solar cooking is to bet on the present and the future, that it is helping the proper maintenance of the environment.

Suggest a new solar oven plan:

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Solar Cooking Atlas comments :

Laura: Congratulation for your great invention, I'm Laura and I would like to know how to make or find a solar oven for my father, he is a cooker chef and we are living in Dominican Republic so I think we can really use it in my tropical country! I'm also interested to resell solar products... I think people can really be surprised here!

Clement: Interesting. I've downloaded a lot of documents on your site about solar cookers. I am attending the institute higher rural development in South Kivu in the DRC. Really I will share this information with students. Good luck for the job!

Paul : Solar Household Energy is a leading nonprofit organization that conducts research, field projects and outreach programs for solar cooking (see solar cooking pictures here). Located in the Washington, DC area, USA. You can visit our website to get more information.

Orlando : Hello, I work in the Applied Renewable Energy Group GERA we have some models of solar cookers, we would like to contact with others people that like the solar cooker, thank you vey much.

Romain : Hi , thanks for your comment, if you know other solar cooking recipes you can send it to me, I can share it to the recipe page!

Michael : Thanks for your solar tips ;)

Emily : A great alternative for a lot of people to wood or gas! Good job!

Alice: I tryed your peas recipe with my sun oven, I just backed first the bacon and onions with my solar cooker because I think it fries better and faster than my oven, it was delicious ;)

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