Sustainability, Cars And Green Garages:

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz affirms that its taxpayers save money by parking in green garages. Energy audits conducted by Baltimore's Revenue Authority revealed that parking garage lighting was the agency's biggest electricity drain. High-tech energy-efficient lighting solutions helped the city save money, but officials didn't stop there. 

The emerging popularity of electric cars also attracted the city of Baltimore's attention. To encourage the use of cars with a low environmental impact, two charging stations were installed in the city's parking garage. Baltimore plans on following up that upgrade with two on-street charging stations in downtown Townson as further support for the sustainable cars in its community. 

The combination of energy efficient lighting and charging station installations are anticipated to save taxpayers in the area upwards of $100,000 a year, which equals a 75% reduction in energy usage. 

Baltimore's embrace of more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices signal the sense of increasing responsibility city officials have to the people of their county. Kamentez shares, "any damage that we inflict on our environment is something that our children and even our grandchildren will have to live with." 

Increasing the presence of charging stations and turning the city's garages green produces a win-win for environmentalists and people who want cheaper energy. Stimulus and corporate grants along with tax incentives make it possible for the city's Revenue Authority to recoup its investment in green garages and sustainable car charging stations. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms a growing need for charging stations. Cities across the nation will need to follow in the footsteps of Baltimore to increase the use of environmentally friendly technology. The rising cost of gasoline makes the use of hybrid or electric vehicles an ideal method for residents looking to lower their expenses and increasing city participation makes the transition more convenient. 

People away from their home chargers benefit from cities that support the use of sustainable cars by installing charging stations. Regional planners are therefore charged with the task of planning and implementing essential infrastructure upgrades to encourage the use of sustainable vehicles. The city of Baltimore is a strong example of how going green can be done in an efficient and affordable way. 

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