Why Solar Cooking is Beneficial for All

Why Solar Cooking is Beneficial for All

Solar cooking consists of using a cooker that utilizes the energy from direct sunlight to heat and cook food or drink. As a result of its reliance on the sun, solar cooking is usually done outdoors and is particularly popular in areas where there is a high risk of fire indoors, or minimal fuel consumption is key.

There are many fantastic benefits to solar cooking, and not just for you, but also for the environment around you. Below are 4 of the top reasons why solar cooking is so advantageous.

Friendly Cooking
One of the primary benefits of solar cooking is that it is extremely friendly to the environment in a number of ways. Firstly, because they get their power from the sun, solar cookers do not use any fuel; therefore they help reserve the ever-shortening fuel supply.

It is estimated that about 2 billion people in the world cook over open fires, so if people swop to solar cookers it will also have a huge impact on deforestation. This type of cooking also doesn’t cause smoke; therefore it lessens the emissions and is friendlier for you and the environment.

solar cooker

A solar cooker being used by a kettle to heat water

Solar cookers are also very convenient. When you cook food on a solar cooker it does not need to be constantly stirred, as it will not burn. It is completely possible to place food on the cooker in the morning and leave it for the entire day. You will then return home to a hot meal in the evening.

Of course for this you need to be in a place where the sun is guaranteed to remain out all day and the food is in a safe place. Another fantastic and convenient thing about solar cookers is that the pots are extremely easy to clean after the food has been made.

Health and Nutrition
As a result of the moderate cooking temperature and the length of time, the solar cooker helps to preserve nutrients in the food. This means that those who cannot afford extra healthy or nutritious food can still benefit from the food they do have.

As a result of the style of cooking, the cookers do not produce smoke and they are fire-free. This means that the cook won’t have to inhale any by products of cooking and the overall cooking experience is a lot safer.

solar cooking

A solar cooker outside on the grass

One of the best things about solar cookers is the cost… or lack of! As previously mentioned, they do not run on any fuel except that of the sun, which is free, so you will save lots of money because you don’t need to buy fuel. This also means you will quickly make your money back from buying the cooker itself.

The solar cooker itself can be made if you’re feeling creative; however, they are very cheap so there’s no need to go to the hassle of trying to make one. Solar cookers are a great investment that you will love right from the start.

With so many excellent benefits it’s easy to see why solar cooking is really the way forward. Solar cookers are a great investment, so why not buy one today?

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