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Sun Rocket test
The Sun Rocket has been developped by an Australian entrepreneur and works like a small solar cooker with a form of thermos. This portable solar hot water heater is quite sofisticated, more than conventional solar cookers, because the main objetive fixed during the development was to be really portable and efficient. Read more...

Why Solar Cooking is Beneficial for All
Solar cooking consists of using a cooker that utilizes the energy from direct sunlight to heat and cook food or drink. As a result of its reliance on the sun, solar cooking is usually done outdoors and is particularly popular in areas where there is a high risk of fire indoors, or minimal fuel consumption is key. Read more...

5 Tips for cooking greener
You may valiantly remember to tote your reusable bags to the grocery store each week and you may even stock up on organic foods, but did you know you could help the planet by changing the way you cook in your kitchen? Read more...

Why slow cookers is a must kitchen appliance for Single Moms
Raising a child for a single mom is not an easy task. They have to juggle so many responsibilities with humor. She is the only bread earner in the family and thus needs to be extremely careful about all her expenses. Moreover, she needs to balance her professional life with personal life so that the child never feels left out. As far as their kitchen is concerned one good and user friendly appliance on which they can think of investing is a slow cooker. Read more...

Benefits of Using Outdoor Solar Cookers
Anyone who enjoys cooking will find outdoor solar cookers to be a great tool. The fact is that using the sun’s energy to cook a meal is not just going to save you money. The following are several reasons why you may want to try an outdoor solar cooker the next time you are planning on a big family meal. Read more...

Creating a Green Patio Design
It is important to have an overall goal when you are transforming the layout of your patio. Remember that your main goal is to create a nice and relaxing ambiance with the touch of a little green. You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a green patio? Well, a green patio is environmentally friendly that helps the environment with its many green elements. You can dedicate a generous space for your green patio either in your backyard or in the front yard of your home. Aside from being an essential part of the environment, it can also increase the value of your home. Read more...

Sustainability, Cars And Green Garages
Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz affirms that its taxpayers save money by parking in green garages. Energy audits conducted by Baltimore's Revenue Authority revealed that parking garage lighting was the agency's biggest electricity drain. High-tech energy-efficient lighting solutions helped the city save money, but officials didn't stop there. Read more...

All the real advantages and disadvantages of getting a solar cooker
You probably know by now what a solar cooker is and why it is becoming more and more popular amongst housewives. It is an appliance which has the role of an oven, except it does not work on gas or electricity but it uses the heat from the sunlight instead. This basically means that you're spending no money whatsoever for your cooking since you're using the huge, hot and free sun rays. Read more...

Eco friendly products: Make money but saving the Environment
The products which do not affect the environment are called Eco friendly products. These products don’t harm in their production, disposal and use. Eco-friendly products help to decrease the carbon emits, greenhouse gases and it won’t pollute the environment. Some green products can be recycled and they don’t harm the atmosphere and they maintain the ecological balance. Read more...

How To Take A Sustainable Road Trip
Everyone thinks about the environment these days, and for good reason to. We all want to preserve this amazing world of ours for future generations, and sometimes it seems like we might not be able to. It is possible that we may be the last folks who get to enjoy this big, beautiful world of ours just the way that it is. It is more important than ever to get out there and see nature, and to see it responsibility. Read more...

Importance of Scroll Technology
With the world growing hotter by the minute, having a good air conditioner and refrigerator are imperative. Choosing the ideal cooling system that fits your needs, however, is a lot harder than it looks since many buyers get easily fooled by tricky, unrealistic advertisements. So, besides looking at features such as design, size, shape and brand, you must spend sufficient time to do research, so you make a well-informed decision. Read more...

Crown Oil UK Help Introduce Solar Ovens In Uganda
Crown Oil UK are a fuel supplier based in Greater Manchester. They supply fuels, lubricants and heating oil to businesses and domestic customers. One of their best selling products amongst the industrial sector is red diesel, which is used to power off-road vehicles, such as tractors and JCBs. Read more...

Green ways to clean your solar cooker
Owning a solar cooker is one of life’s most gratifying (cookery) moments. You’re saving money on fuel bills, the cooker pays for itself over a short period of time, you’re not harming the environment - and you’re still making mouthwatering meals that even the most enthusiastic gas-friendly chef would be envious of. Your friends who own stunning range cookers agree that you’re definitely one to watch, and your stews are legendary. Looks like all your cooking needs have been met - until you need to clean it. Read more...

Net Zero Homes: Energy Self-Sufficiency Becoming More Realistic
In recent years, green living has been gaining more attention and popularity, and eco-friendly products like solar panels have become more commonplace. Many homeowners have incorporated such products into their homes, but some have gone far beyond one or two changes and have instead created fully sustainable structures known as “net zero homes.” Read more...

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Clement: Interesting. I've downloaded a lot of documents on your site about solar cookers. I am attending the institute higher rural development in South Kivu in the DRC. Really I will share this information with students. Good luck for the job!

Paul : Solar Household Energy is a leading nonprofit organization that conducts research, field projects and outreach programs for solar cooking (see solar cooking pictures here). Located in the Washington, DC area, USA. You can visit our website to get more information.

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Emily : A great alternative for a lot of people to wood or gas! Good job!

Alice: I tryed your peas recipe with my sun oven, I just backed first the bacon and onions with my solar cooker because I think it fries better and faster than my oven, it was delicious ;)

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