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With the world growing hotter by the minute, having a good air conditioner and refrigerator are imperative. Choosing the ideal cooling system that fits your needs, however, is a lot harder than it looks since many buyers get easily fooled by tricky, unrealistic advertisements. So, besides looking at features such as design, size, shape and brand, you must spend sufficient time to do research, so you make a well-informed decision. One of the most important components of an air conditioner/ refrigerator is its compressor. The compressor works by turning cool air with low pressure into hot air with high pressure, so that it can keep the particular area cool and fresh. Along with making sure that the hot and cool air is well circulated and pressurized, it also ensures that the machine itself suffers no harm.
Scroll technology’ is the latest buzz in the world of refrigeration and air-conditioning. That's because scroll compressors are a lot quieter and use less energy than piston-driven compressors that were being used earlier. A scroll compressor, also called spiral compressor and scroll vacuum pump, is a device for compressing air or refrigerant. It is used in air conditioning equipment as an automobile or scroll-type supercharger, as well as can be used as a vacuum pump in refrigerators. The technology of refrigerant scroll compressors is the first invention of dominant compression technology in the air conditioning industry.

The new technology used in scroll compressors pushes the refrigerant gas into the centre of the mechanism, so it cools much faster, easier and better than older, bulky models. They provide you with additional advantages, such as being less noisy due to fewer vibrations, and it can be fixed almost anywhere due to its compact size. These compressors provide the same level of cooling as other standard compressors, but they use lesser amount of energy, thereby saving on your electrical bills and preserving the environment. Lesser number of parts than old compressors ensures fewer breakdowns and higher efficiency. These compressors also have better protection against liquids, so in case of a fluid leak, the mechanism does not get harmed. Another special benefit of scroll compressors is that they actually work better over time.

Scroll Technology in air conditioning and refrigeration systems has seen tremendous advances over the past twenty-five to forty years. A major part of this technology has focused on air conditioning designs, which has made it the best choice for today’s cooling solutions. They serve a broad range of both residential and commercial markets. New emerging markets that require compression of carbon dioxide, helium and natural gas have evolved in recent years. The size and application range of scroll compressors has demonstrated the exceptional versatility of this technology, and its future potential as well.

So, as a smart consumer planning to buy a new cooling system like an air conditioner or refrigerator, if you want a compressor that conserves energy, is compact, with fewer parts, is easy to install and maintain, is efficient, reliable and saves your money, then scroll technology is your best bet.


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