Crown Oil UK Help Introduce Solar Ovens In Uganda:

Crown Oil UK are a fuel supplier based in Greater Manchester. They supply fuels, lubricants and heating oil to businesses and domestic customers. One of their best selling products amongst the industrial sector is red diesel, which is used to power off-road vehicles, such as tractors and JCBs. However, the company realised that using red diesel had negative effects on the environment, such as increased carbon emissions. They realised something positive needed to be done to overcome the harmful effects of red diesel. Crown Oil UK entered into a partnership with one the country’s leading carbon offsetting provider. They made an arrangement to offer a new fuel called ‘Carbon Offset Red Diesel’.

Carbon offset red diesel is exactly the same as regular red diesel. However, Crown Oil UK charges an additional cost, which is used to purchase carbon credits which are then invested into carbon reduction programmes across the world. It is important to note here that Crown Oil UK make no additional profit from the sales of carbon offset red diesel. So far the money has been spent on the development of more environmentally friendly fuels, green efficient engine technology, carbon capturing and re-forestation projects.

However, one of the projects that Crown Oil UK are most proud of is the development of solar ovens in Uganda. This comes just one year after a group of Crown Oil UK employees climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and witnessed first-hand the devastating conditions that affected many across Africa.

Not only are these solar powered stoves more environmentally friendly, but they are also saving lives. Traditionally Africans would have burned wood to power their ovens. However, this led to a build-up of smoke in the area, which can be potentially fatal for anyone to inhale. Thankfully the introduction of solar powered stoves has overcome that problem along with the threat of deforestation in Uganda.

Crown Oil UK is part of the Crown Oil group which has been operating for over 65 years. They supply fuel, oil and lubricants throughout the UK.


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Laura: Congratulation for your great invention, I'm Laura and I would like to know how to make or find a solar oven for my father, he is a cooker chef and we are living in Dominican Republic so I think we can really use it in my tropical country! I'm also interested to resell solar products... I think people can really be surprised here!

Clement: Interesting. I've downloaded a lot of documents on your site about solar cookers. I am attending the institute higher rural development in South Kivu in the DRC. Really I will share this information with students. Good luck for the job!

Paul : Solar Household Energy is a leading nonprofit organization that conducts research, field projects and outreach programs for solar cooking (see solar cooking pictures here). Located in the Washington, DC area, USA. You can visit our website to get more information.

Orlando : Hello, I work in the Applied Renewable Energy Group GERA we have some models of solar cookers, we would like to contact with others people that like the solar cooker, thank you vey much.

Romain : Hi , thanks for your comment, if you know other solar cooking recipes you can send it to me, I can share it to the recipe page!

Michael : Thanks for your solar tips ;)

Emily : A great alternative for a lot of people to wood or gas! Good job!

Alice: I tryed your peas recipe with my sun oven, I just backed first the bacon and onions with my solar cooker because I think it fries better and faster than my oven, it was delicious ;)

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