Benefits of Using Outdoor Solar Cookers:

Anyone who enjoys cooking will find outdoor solar cookers to be a great tool. The fact is that using the sun’s energy to cook a meal is not just going to save you money. The following are several reasons why you may want to try an outdoor solar cooker the next time you are planning on a big family meal:

Outdoor solar cookers use the power of the sun to cook foods at a lower temperature. This slow cooking method will actually preserve a lot more of the foods natural nutrients. The flavors of foods cooked in this method are going to be much cleaner, meaning you and your family can enjoy a tastier meal. Because the solar cooker does not actually have any air movement inside it, you will also find the food is going to be moist and tender.

You will also find that because the food is retaining a lot of its nutrients, it will be much healthier food for your family. Other traditional methods of cooking, whether it be in a gas stove oven or a microwave, can actually reduce some of the nutritional components of the food. Slower cooking will keep the food healthy.

Of course, cooking outdoors will also prevent your kitchen from getting too hot. Many people often forego home-cooked meals in the warmer months because they simply can’t stand the heat in the kitchen. Taking your cooking chores outdoors will allow you to enjoy the family meals while keeping the temperature down inside.

Furthermore, if you and your family are concerned about emergency preparedness, the outdoor solar cooker should become one of your most valuable assets. As it requires no electrical power, gas, or fire to operate, it could just be the key to you and your family’s survival in a catastrophic event. This also leads to the fact that these cookers are much better for the environment.

One of the greatest benefits, however, is that there is less fire risk involved compared with other outdoor cooking methods. Each year, thousands of people are injured by an outdoor grilling accident involving fire and burns. You may not even be aware of some of the dangers, including the fact that the bristles on the brush you use to clean your grill could just end up in your food.

When you want to enjoy cooking outdoors, the solar cooker is the perfect tool as it will allow for the most nutritious and the best tasting food possible.

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Alice: I tryed your peas recipe with my sun oven, I just backed first the bacon and onions with my solar cooker because I think it fries better and faster than my oven, it was delicious ;)

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